Mail/News Spec Online

Monday May 10th, 1999

Arielb wrote in to say that the specs for the addressbook and mail compose are now online. They attempt to address a number of issues in the current 4.5 designs. We encourage all of you to take a look at these specs, and contribute suggestions in the mail-news newsgroup.

#13 Re:Mail/News Spec Online

by roc

Tuesday May 11th, 1999 3:13 PM

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It doesn't make sense to me to have attachments held in a special UI area. They should work more like the 4.5 "View Attachments Inline"; in fact, they should just be special objects that you can insert into the body of the message. They can then be copied and deleted using standard edit behaviours.

It might be good to have a status area that displays the total size of the current attachments. This would give people a quick way to check whether there are currently any attachments or not.