Updated MozillaZine Chrome

Saturday May 8th, 1999

We have updated the MozillaZine chrome to work with M5, and hopefully beyond. It now includes a customized sidebar, and because the flash panels are not yet working, they were left out of this version. You must be connected to the Internet to use this version also.

It is located here and must be downloaded and renamed to navigator.xul, replace the navigator.xul in the res/samples/ directory with it. If you have questions or comments, just hit the talkback button and talk to us!

Also, Steve is hard at work at getting our new chrome area up and working. We'll let you know as soon as it's ready to go.

#21 Re:Updated MozillaZine Chrome

by arielb

Monday May 10th, 1999 6:50 PM

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hmm IE5 and Win98 are ugly. yechhh Then again, I don't like the look of macos, most xwindow themes, amigaOS, BeOS and the new look of mozilla either. Give me something like nextstep anytime