Full Article Attached New Memory Management Plan for Feedback

Saturday May 8th, 1999

Rick Gessner, Director of Engineering of NGLayout at Netscape, is calling for standardization in Mozilla's memory management techniques. If you are a mozilla developer, please read this, and post any comments to Rick's duplicate post in the layout newsgroup. Click Full Article below to read Rick's report.

#6 Exceptions and recycling

by Mike Shaver <>

Monday May 10th, 1999 2:15 PM

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Simply calling free() or delete is not enough to give the memory back to the system in most cases. An object allocated from the middle of a page can't be returned until everything else on that page is released, and even then you can't sbrk() back down if there are other things allocated ``after'' it.

As far as exceptions go, we do currently use -fno-exceptions and -fno-rtti with gcc/egcs, and the space savings are considerable. Also, use of exceptions across XPCOM boundaries is pretty much begging for pain. I don't think that even MS COM permits exceptions across COM interface boundaries, and they're a lot more prescriptive about compiler behaviour than we are.