Full Article Attached New Memory Management Plan for Feedback

Saturday May 8th, 1999

Rick Gessner, Director of Engineering of NGLayout at Netscape, is calling for standardization in Mozilla's memory management techniques. If you are a mozilla developer, please read this, and post any comments to Rick's duplicate post in the layout newsgroup. Click Full Article below to read Rick's report.

#3 Recyclers, Exceptions

by Marko Macek <>

Monday May 10th, 1999 1:03 AM

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Since mozilla usually is not the only thing running in the system it is important to use recyclers only when they really have huge benefits .

In other cases it would be best to return as much memory as possible back to the system.

Re: exceptions:

I'd prefer mozilla not to use exceptions. Code generated by gcc seems much better/smaller when they are not used. Has anyone tried to compile mozilla with -fno-exceptions (and possibly with -fno-rtti)?