Full Article Attached New Memory Management Plan for Feedback

Saturday May 8th, 1999

Rick Gessner, Director of Engineering of NGLayout at Netscape, is calling for standardization in Mozilla's memory management techniques. If you are a mozilla developer, please read this, and post any comments to Rick's duplicate post in the layout newsgroup. Click Full Article below to read Rick's report.

#2 Re:New Memory Management Plan for Feedback

by Brendan Eich <>

Sunday May 9th, 1999 2:12 PM

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C++ exceptions are not up to snuff on all platforms; see <…atBuild/portable-cpp.html> for details, and tell Ramiro (mailto:<>) if you have new data.

Here are some links and prior art that should be incorporated into rickg's fine proposal:

Step 4: we already have an nsIAllocator, it has existed for a while: <…com/public/nsIAllocator.h>

Use it either by getting its service (for example, <…base/src/nsBuffer.cpp#324>), or by statically linking with the xpcom library and calling the nsAllocator class's static methods (<…/public/nsIAllocator.h#88>).

Arena links: <…ource/base/src/nsIArena.h> <…/nsprpub/lib/ds/plarena.h>

Smart pointers links: <…e/xpcom/public/nsCOMPtr.h> <…om/public/nsXPIDLString.h>