Mozilla Mentioned In OSOpinion Article

Friday May 7th, 1999

Brendan Beej Dery writes, "I found a (comparably) short positive mention of Mozilla in an article about Linux, designed to cater to IT managers. The whole article is an interesting read, but for those of you who just want to read the bit about Mozilla, here's the link."

#5 Re:Mozilla Mentioned In OSOpinion Article

by SomeSmartAss <>

Monday May 10th, 1999 6:45 PM

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There will inherintly be two forks automatically.

a) pure Mozilla. with no/international security and all non-proprietary code.

b) Netsape 5.0, with a North-American level of security, proprietary third-party bells and whistles (BitStream's TrueDoc for one) and a few other things thrown ion to boot (AOL's buddy-chat thing)

but, as long as Netscape proper doesn't break compliency issues, and keeps up with Mozilla-Pure releases, this shouldn't be a huge problem.