Mozilla Mentioned In OSOpinion Article

Friday May 7th, 1999

Brendan Beej Dery writes, "I found a (comparably) short positive mention of Mozilla in an article about Linux, designed to cater to IT managers. The whole article is an interesting read, but for those of you who just want to read the bit about Mozilla, here's the link."

#3 Re:Mozilla Mentioned In OSOpinion Article

by dveditz

Saturday May 8th, 1999 7:29 PM

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To clarify my previous response, CHANGES to existing mozilla MUST be republished. The main difference from GPL is that there are circumstances where you can make proprietary ADDITIONS to your own mozilla-variant.

My point was that even copyleft is not sufficient to prevent incompatible versions. What will prevent forking is doing a good job as custodians of the source. Web developers won't take advantage of new features in Joe's-hackZilla because not enough of their traffic has that version. And people won't have much incentive to switch because there's no content.

That said, free software evolves *because* people make non-standard versions. If those features are really cool then everyone will want to put them back into the mainline source, including the experimenter. If the mainline custodians are too boneheaded to recognize the coolness of the features that just about everyone else agrees should go in, then and only then is there much danger of a (significant) code fork.

If you want to discuss the Mozilla license further the best place is the netscape.public.mozilla.license newsgroup (also available as the mozilla-license mailing list). See <> for details.