The Future of Java and Mozilla...

Monday September 14th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with a question about Java that I'd like to expand upon and pose to our readers: "...Microsoft is in court with Sun about its Java license, right? Well, I think Microsoft is definitely going to lose the case and that means Microsoft's Internet Explorer won't be able to run Java apps. Would web sites just stop making Java apps because of this?"

So, let me pose a group of interrelated questions to y'all, based on George's question. Here goes:

1. What do you feel is Java's place in Mozilla's future? In Communicator's future?

2. Should support of Java (or lack of) on IE dictate tech strategy for Mozilla and Communicator?

3. How important is Java to you? Would it continue to have as much importance to you if IE could no longer support it?

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#12 Re:The Future of Java and Mozilla...

by Jeff Giacobbe <>

Saturday September 19th, 1998 12:21 PM

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Full JDK1.2 support in Mozilla would deal a lethal blow to M$ IE. Microsoft has gotten away with screwing over the cross-platform promise of Java primarily because NOBODY ELSE had a fully JDK1.1 compliant browser to compete with them.

The suits at Netscape Inc. really dropped the ball wrt JDK compliance, and Communicator 4.06 *still* isn't 100% compliant. This situation allows M$ to play it's "poisoned Java" game while simultaneously crowing about how it has the "most compliant" browser on the market.

Mozilla 5.0 with a 100% JDK1.2 compliant JVM right out of the box is probably Bill Gates' worst nightmare. Customers would then have a compelling reason to ditch IE, and M$ would be powerless to counter the threat unless they commit to 100% pure Java.

To all the talented folks involved in the Mozilla project: PLEASE DON'T DROP THE BALL LIKE THE SUITS DID!

It's time to bring the 100% pure Java sledgehammer down on Billy's head...

-- JG