Crypto Ruling and Mozilla

Friday May 7th, 1999

With the latest ruling against crypto-export laws, some of you have been wondering how this applies to Mozilla (if at all). Well, we're not sure, but I bet there are a few developers that would be willing to enlighten us on this subject. If any of you know more about how this ruling affects Mozilla, please respond in the talkback to this item...

#9 Re:Crypto Ruling and Mozilla

by Anon

Friday May 7th, 1999 2:01 PM

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"Basically, it is about damn time the export restrictions fell. The laws are a joke anyways, especially since PGP was legally exported in book form as source code and then scanned in overseas. After that happened, anyone anywhere could have strong encryption."

Before that happened, strong crypto was available everywhere already.

"What?, it would make it better and able to provide strong crypto out-of-the-box instead of forcing users to DL (illegally? - its in the netherlands) from or use cryptozilla."

Using fortify to patch your browser is not illegal. Downloading the 128-bit version form the Netherlands isn't illegal either.

"Even at 40-bits its pretty near improbable to just happen upon it in a timely manner"

Unless you spend a few hundred bucks on the neccessary hardware. 40 bits keeps you kid-sister from eavesdropping. It won't stop anybody else.