Crypto Ruling and Mozilla

Friday May 7th, 1999

With the latest ruling against crypto-export laws, some of you have been wondering how this applies to Mozilla (if at all). Well, we're not sure, but I bet there are a few developers that would be willing to enlighten us on this subject. If any of you know more about how this ruling affects Mozilla, please respond in the talkback to this item...

#13 Status of RSA patent

by Frank Hecker <>

Friday May 7th, 1999 9:41 PM

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To clarify the point made by HoserHead above: the RSA patent (on the RSA public key algorithm) expires on September 20, 2000 (_not_ this year); this patent is valid only in the U.S., so it restricts what AOL and can distribute, but does not restrict what developers outside the U.S. can distribute.