NeoPlanet Wants to Lead Open Messaging Project

Friday May 7th, 1999

You may recall the Instant Messaging API that appeared briefly on a week ago, only to be tabled pending further review from Netscape. Now, NeoPlanet, one of the first integrators of Mozilla into a consumer product, wants to head up the project. Click here to read the post in netscape.public.mozilla.general, or visit the newsgroup at and join in the discussions.

Thanks to arielb for the news.

#8 Re:NeoPlanet Wants to Lead Open Messaging Project

by MikeFM

Thursday May 13th, 1999 9:48 AM

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Neoplanet is a pretty nifty browser. I love the skins and the abilty to block pop-up windows. Ever clicked a link called "Aunt Li nda's Gardening Secrets" to find a porn site w/ 2 dozen pop-up's you can't get rid of, well Neoplanet makes those suckers easy to get rid of before they even start. It's upgrading and plug-in system is wonderful. The channels work nicely altough I wish they supported CDF. They still have a ways to go but I really hope some of their work gets intergrated back into Mozilla.