Bill Joy of Sun Spreads Little Joy

Thursday May 6th, 1999

Wishiknew writes, "In a 1 1/2 hour lecture to a University of Washington's computer science class, Chief Scientist Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems Inc. criticized Netscape Communications 'Mozilla' effort for it's inability to 'take off', despite being an open source project."

And he managed to plug Jini and Java quite a bit as well, I see. I wish there was a transcript or audio file of the event.

#22 Browsers Are Complex

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Saturday May 8th, 1999 4:11 PM

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Yes, browsers are complex. A browser has to do lots of things, and with the Aurora project, it'll do more. Yes, it's non-trivial. Yes, you're right to an extent, BrowsersAreComplex.

But you're wrong where you imply that they are too complex for the dedicated programmer to comprehend.

NOTHING, read-my-lips, NOTHING is too complex to be understood with a bit of effort. Think back to your school days, and learning your first language, whatever it was. It was hard. You didn't come into the world knowing what a pointer was and what to do with it. But you learn.

And that's a really inadequate example, because learning how to code Mozilla will take more time than learning about pointers!! But the analogy stands, a person can learn it it he puts his mind to it. There's no lack of example code, go and download it. And there's no lack of people to help you, email Adam Lock (I'm sure he won't mind a FEW enquiries) or people

Give it a few weeks, or months as the case may be and eventually you'll understand enough (assuming you're at a high enough level in basic C++ to start going over the code in the first place, I'm still doing Pascal.. =( ).

And even if non-industry related people cannot code it (a hard thing to believe), there are plenty of industry coders who will contribute to the smallest, fastest, coolest Lizard on the black as soon as they see the beta, I assume.

And THAT, ladies & gents, is the Inspirational Thought For The Day(TM) =)


PS oh and your point about the Open-source project taking 10 times as long? I'd use the commercial one too, but AS SOON AS the opensource came out I'd switch, as I'd get a better program. So would you, I'd like to assume....