Bill Joy of Sun Spreads Little Joy

Thursday May 6th, 1999

Wishiknew writes, "In a 1 1/2 hour lecture to a University of Washington's computer science class, Chief Scientist Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems Inc. criticized Netscape Communications 'Mozilla' effort for it's inability to 'take off', despite being an open source project."

And he managed to plug Jini and Java quite a bit as well, I see. I wish there was a transcript or audio file of the event.

#17 Re:Bill Joy of Sun Spreads Little Joy

by Adam Lock <>

Friday May 7th, 1999 11:56 AM

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OLEVariant - Thanks for your support!

Check out the CBrowse app in the tests folder of the ActiveX project. This is an app written in C++ and MFC that runs both the IE and mozilla controls. Apart from the initial CoCreateInstance, both controls run the same code.

CBrowse has grown from a simple applet into a test bed/harness. And has a quite a lot of reusable code in it.