Bill Joy of Sun Spreads Little Joy

Thursday May 6th, 1999

Wishiknew writes, "In a 1 1/2 hour lecture to a University of Washington's computer science class, Chief Scientist Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems Inc. criticized Netscape Communications 'Mozilla' effort for it's inability to 'take off', despite being an open source project."

And he managed to plug Jini and Java quite a bit as well, I see. I wish there was a transcript or audio file of the event.

#15 Re:Bill Joy of Sun Spreads Little Joy

by mozineAdmin

Friday May 7th, 1999 4:59 AM

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The problem is that people said just the same thing with OS/browser integration, and consumers *still* download Communicator.

I really don't see Win2000 and Office2000 as much of a problem. Why? Well, IE is already integrated in Win98, the OS that will be used by the most people (Win2000 won't - it's getting bad reviews and it's not even released yet, it's even bigger than Win98, and Linux is at this point the only OS that is gaining market share).

In addition, with OS/browser integration, the OS and browser are both only as strong as their weakest link - in this case IE (I have IE5 on my machine, in case you think my opinions of IE5 are made up). IE is not only unsecure (and thus makes the OS unsecure), but unstable and not standards compliant (it crashes more than Communicator, and brings the whole OS down with it). Also, the install for IE was *a complete joke*. I had to run the install 5 times to get IE isntalled. What the hell is that?

IE is losing ground in businesses (there were reports recently of IE gaining ground in consumer apps, but they had to admit that it was losing ground in the business sphere), and Windows, because it's not gaining ground, is losing as well.

Also, its way to early to know what will happen to the web application market because of XUL. I think we're going to see some impressive changes occur in the web application community (especially since XUL is built completely around standards).