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Thursday May 6th, 1999

M5 now allows for the display of various languages in the same messenger pane. Click the thumbnail to see a screenshot in action. You are seeing, in order of appearance in the message list, 1: French (ISO-8859-1), 2: Czech (ISO-8859-2), 3: Russian (Cyrillic: KOI8-R), 4: Greek (ISO-8859-7), 5 through 9: Japanese (2nd to 5th msgs show Japanese files attached), 10: UTF8 (Unicode, 11: Estonian (Baltic: ISO-8859-4), 12: Turkish (ISO-8859-9), 13: Demo of EURO symbol in ISO-8859-1 mail, 14: Korean (EUC-KR), 15: Traditional Chinese (Big5), 16: Simplified Chinese (GB2312). In the message pane you can see Netcenter Japan displayed.

If you have a Win32 system, you can see this in action. It requires a little tweaking, as the preferences dialogs aren't hooked up yet. Click Full Article below for more.

Thanks to Katsuhiko Momoi for all his help getting the screenshot and files for the demo.

#5 Hebrew? (8859-8)

by biggo

Thursday May 6th, 1999 1:27 PM

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It's a big problem. I sent questions to some mozilla developers but never got replies.

In Israel, MSIE is popular mainly since it's hebrew supprt. Although it has proprietary extensions, MSIE supports unicode hebrew, which is recommended by w3c for web pages, while netscape^H^H^H Mozilla has no support for hebrew at all.

It's a bigger problem with win/linux. windows has the same unicode hebrew support while linux doesnt, so widgets (gtk) will show hebrew backwards. Although the main problems are just plain email, (rendring and forms submitions are a smaller problems) the only solution, is to attach doc (word) attachemnts, and it's unusable by linux users like me. (or anyone without the hebrew edition of word)

Will Mozilla support hebrew? ever? can anybody code it? (i would but i can't i don't even know C++)