M5 May Show Up Tomorrow

Wednesday May 5th, 1999

The final browser for Milestone 5 may be released tomorrow, according to Thanks to I. Ramirez for the news.

Also, we'll soon have some screens of a great new feature which has made it into the builds, so check back.

#9 Re:M5 May Show Up Tomorrow

by Adam Lock <>

Thursday May 6th, 1999 6:09 AM

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I am responsible for MozillaControl.html.

I know Frontpage is crappy but it is convenient hence the reason it was used here. I just wanted something quick and dirty to show content in the control to prove it is actually working. If someone cares _that_ strongly about my choice of editor, I might change the HTML source so it no longer says FrontPage in it :)

For the record, I have used FP (and also HotMeTaL in the past) for the control project home page. It's OK as an editor but it trashes well-formed documents and wraps text to 80 columns. For these reasons I will probably switch to something else soon.