M5 May Show Up Tomorrow

Wednesday May 5th, 1999

The final browser for Milestone 5 may be released tomorrow, according to Thanks to I. Ramirez for the news.

Also, we'll soon have some screens of a great new feature which has made it into the builds, so check back.

#4 Re: M5 May Show Up Tomorrow

by Bergie

Thursday May 6th, 1999 2:23 AM

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<p> I just downloaded the Linux binaries, and have to admit that I was positively surprised. The install was easier than before (no need for setting env variables or anything, just run the 'Zilla). <p> And the stability has also gone to a new level. I have now been running it for a few minutes, checking out how it does with some harder sites to render. And it hasn't crasheed even once. Hell, my NS 4.51 used to crash with glibc 2.1 more often. ;-) <p> (and yes, this is posted from M5) <p> Well done, Mozilla people!