Jesse Berst on Mozilla

Tuesday May 4th, 1999

Jesse Berst has an article on Open Source, in which he devotes a sentence to Mozilla. However, his thoughts seem to have come directly from Jamie Zawinski (like the thoughts of so many other journalists recently).

If you have the inclination, pick up a copy of "Breaking The News: How The Media Undermine American Democracy" for an interesting take on why American journalism has gone so wrong. Many of the ideas in the book can easily be applied to the tech journalism industry as well.

Thanks to Aleks Zawisza for the news.

#8 Re:Jesse Berst on Mozilla

by OLEVariant

Tuesday May 4th, 1999 3:41 PM

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What if it wasn't?

Think about it. Why would a talented individual like Jamie who has achieved/accomplished so many things in the computing industry up and leave Mozilla?

I've read enough about his work in the past to know that he's not a quitter.

I've seen many 'quitters' turn into doers, but I don't think I've ever seen a doer turn into a quitter.

I don't question whether Mozilla will be completed or not. I know it will. I'm just concerned with the timeframe surrounding it's final release.

I want very much for Mozilla to be a big hit in the marketplace. I've witnessed great products that competed with M$'s never come to full blossom because of the timing of the releases.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!