Jesse Berst on Mozilla

Tuesday May 4th, 1999

Jesse Berst has an article on Open Source, in which he devotes a sentence to Mozilla. However, his thoughts seem to have come directly from Jamie Zawinski (like the thoughts of so many other journalists recently).

If you have the inclination, pick up a copy of "Breaking The News: How The Media Undermine American Democracy" for an interesting take on why American journalism has gone so wrong. Many of the ideas in the book can easily be applied to the tech journalism industry as well.

Thanks to Aleks Zawisza for the news.

#17 Jesse Berst

by Frobozz

Wednesday May 5th, 1999 5:39 AM

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Jesse Berst is a grade 'A' moron (which is saying a lot since he is coming from ZDNET).

He takes the following tactic all the time: he'll subtly start hyping some underdog (whether it be Linux, Mozilla or whatever). Then he'll post a glowing report about it, all sweetness and light. Finally, he'll round it all off with a long scathing editorial saying that "sure this technology is nice, but Microsoft is already the standard so why bother? Get back in line and stop fussing with this non-Microsoft-sanctioned code."

If you watch him long enough, it becomes rather amusing. He does it all the time. Berst has NO credibility and NO clue, so just ignore him.