New Sidebar Flash Panel

Saturday May 1st, 1999

Here's something new for all of you who haven't been keeping up with the nightly builds. The sidebar area now contains a "flash panel". What is a "flash panel"? From the flash panel specification: "The Flash Panel is a panel in the Sidebar that contains up-to-the-minute information about events that are of direct importance to the current user, including e-mail notification, (both "local" and web-based email), alerts for calendar events, current market information, and online-presence information (e.g., via the AIM protocol)." Click the image to the left for a larger screenshot (courtesy of Stephen Donner).

#47 This, that, and the other

by Kovu <>

Monday May 3rd, 1999 4:42 PM

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Want even more reason Moz need to kick ass? Since Win 2000 is going to REALLY have the browsing as part of the OS (YUCK), every change made to the Internet "browsing technologies" requires changes in Win2000 code, further pushing back its release. Come to think of it, IE 5 may have had a feature freeze specifically because they wanted to get Win2000 beta 3 out the door.

If Moz takes over between now and the end of the year, Win2000 will have to integrate the new technologies or it will be a browsing dinosaur, and adding Moz code to Win2000 would almost definitely push Win2000 back even further (it's already not likely before early 2000) and give Linux and others (NG Amiga! Nov!) time to get their collective feet more firmly in the door.

This is all speculation of course, but I think it makes sense. So, work! Work!

BTW did anyone check out Netscape's new page-making application? It's a beta now (they must be waiting for Moz integration) but they give you 11 MB and you can upload your own pages. No frames, but it's the first of these "Internet aps" we've been hearing so much about. To check it out, go to Netcenter and click on Home Pages.