New Sidebar Flash Panel

Saturday May 1st, 1999

Here's something new for all of you who haven't been keeping up with the nightly builds. The sidebar area now contains a "flash panel". What is a "flash panel"? From the flash panel specification: "The Flash Panel is a panel in the Sidebar that contains up-to-the-minute information about events that are of direct importance to the current user, including e-mail notification, (both "local" and web-based email), alerts for calendar events, current market information, and online-presence information (e.g., via the AIM protocol)." Click the image to the left for a larger screenshot (courtesy of Stephen Donner).

#24 Re:New Sidebar Flash Panel

by zontar

Sunday May 2nd, 1999 5:01 PM

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BTW, I prefer ICQ, except that the 99 version is Bloat City. I like the ability to separate contacts into different lists and to use fonts & colors (I have contacts in Russia and it's nice to able to use Cyrillic fonts, for instance, instead of roman letters)... But most of the other new stuff is either superfluous (like, I've got a browser for searches, etc., already!) or just plain useless.