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Friday April 30th, 1999

Arielb has the news that a Jazilla binary is available. There's a maximum of five users allowed on the FTP site, and there are no system requirements for Jazilla posted (although they may be in the zip file). UPDATE: Andrew has sent us the steps needed to get jazilla running. Click "Full Article" below for the instructions.

#1 Cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Gate's Nightmare

Friday April 30th, 1999 1:15 PM

The ultimate thumb in Microsloth's eye: Win98, 98Lite, Revenge of Mozilla and Jazilla as the default browser!!!!

hehe! I love it!


#2 Re:Jazilla Binary

by jedbro

Friday April 30th, 1999 3:47 PM

Just need to download JDK!!!

Great effort you guys.

Although I wonder.. what do they do when new features/bugs are fixed in the original code? Do they implement them? Or are they just using the main "code base" and doing the rest on their own?

Sorry for my ignorance.

#3 Re:Jazilla Binary

by stephan

Friday April 30th, 1999 4:37 PM

I've got a strange problem. I can't seem to find in my JDK1.2 installation (Yes, I installed the correct program, in fact I installed "everything".)

#4 Gotta love Windows...

by Yootis

Friday April 30th, 1999 4:49 PM

When "Reboot" is what you have to do after setting an environment variable

#5 Re:Gotta love Windows...

by pete collins

Friday April 30th, 1999 7:01 PM

thats a good one! :-)

#6 Re:Jazilla Binary

by Chris Burkey

Friday April 30th, 1999 8:34 PM

Just to clarify:

There are two ways to download Jazilla. One is to download the JDK +Jar file and the other (for Win32) is to run it as a native exe.

They both run the exact same code base but the exe does not need a JDK so it might be easy to install.

This is all very alpha.

#7 Re:Jazilla Binary

by Chris Burkey

Friday April 30th, 1999 8:56 PM

Its for Windows.

Only download the binary file if you are going to run this under Windows. Its a Windows binary.

Follow the directions if you want to run straight Java code.

#8 Re:Jazilla Binary

by Jamie Costa

Friday April 30th, 1999 8:58 PM

stephan -- I'm not sure there is a file anymore with jdk1.2... I think all the class files have been moved into the "./jre/rt.jar" file.

#9 Re: New Download Place

by Al Sutton

Saturday May 1st, 1999 3:42 AM

If anyone is having problems with the original site you can now pull the binary from in /pub/windows-native-exe

If you want to report bugs or join in the development subscribe to the mozilla-java mailing list on