Mozilla Now Supports All CSS1 Properties!

Thursday April 29th, 1999

David Baron, long on the scene as a champion of a proper CSS1 implementation and one of the most prolific bug-report contributors at Bugzilla has great news on CSS1 in Mozilla (and he'd be the one to know).

"The new layout engine now supports all CSS1 properties. Troy Chevalier implemented the last property, background-attachment, earlier this week. Some properties are still buggy, and one selector (the visited pseudo-class) isn't yet implemented. However, this is probably the most complete implementation of CSS1 so far, and the bug list is consistently getting shorter."

#47 Re:Mozilla Now Supports All CSS1 Properties!

by Tekhir

Sunday May 2nd, 1999 2:30 PM

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pcm, Are you talking about the message content section in Messanger? If so there is a litte line you can add to your prefs.js file which will remove it. I'll have to find it on my other dead computer when it gets fix. Maybe someone else knows the line. It was feaured on Lockergnome a while bck if you care to search a lot.