Firefox Pre-Preview Release Available for Testing

Saturday September 11th, 2004

Asa Dotzler writes "We took one more important change into the builds last night, moving from a blacklist to a whitelist for external protocol handlers, so today's builds are the new candidate 1.0PR builds. If all goes well with these builds, they'll become the official Firefox 1.0 Preview Release builds on Tuesday morning. Please help us test these bits and if you find any major regressions, please file bugs and nominate those as PR blockers with the bug flag "blocking-aviary1.0PR?" so that the Aviary team will see.

Download the 0.10 (1.0PR) candidate builds now: Windows installer Linux installer Mac disk image (Other formats can be found here.)

Note that this is not the final 1.0 Preview Release. That will happen on Tuesday if all goes well with the testing of these candidate builds. We appreciate any and all help testing the candidates and strongly encourage you to report any problems. Only you can prevent buggy releases ;-)"

#61 Well...

by Ziggy

Sunday September 12th, 2004 8:47 PM

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...I just installed it after being on nightlies, so nothing much is different, but I can say the following: 1) there should be a pref to disable the bar at the top of popups if there isn't one already 2) Firefox Update should be a menuitem under Tools. Tools > Update Firefox, for example. 3) Firefox Update should display the possible udpates using a chevron or something (the two v's on top of eachother, ala XP's explorer bar thing while browsing). Not an option button. Even as experienced as I am, it took me a few seconds to realize that the option button toggled the display and not picked one or the other (I'm still running Firefox Update, so if that's what it does, excuse me ^_^) 4) Firefox Update's cancel button should work. You can close, why not make Cancel work? 5) Always show tab bar needed some tweaking to get to work (I had to disable, restart, enable). 6) You should display the progress of Firefox Update using numbers. Watching the bar get bigger on dialup doesn't really ease my mind any. 7) Tab bar is displayed in popups (I'm currently CC:'ed to the spoof bug, so I know that you already know that)

I haven't tried it, but is there any way to get the Information Bar re-enabled if you say "don't display this anymore"?

Aside from those things, it (as Blake Ross said) kicks ass.