New Draft of SVG Spec

Wednesday April 28th, 1999

There's a new draft of the Scalable Vector Graphics spec at the W3C. Thanks to Matt for the news.

#7 Re:New Draft of SVG Spec

by Roger B. Sije <>

Thursday April 29th, 1999 3:51 PM

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I was pleased to read the snippet of David above. At last, here is someone willing to implement MathML and let the world see its full glory! Putting documents on the web is a cumbersome task for us in the scientific community. Imagine *several gifs per line* to represent the various formulas. Modifying/Maintaining them is a time-consuming exercise that involves many genuflexions. They clutter and make the document slow to download. Moreover, no matter how many tricks you use, their look leaves a lot to be desired.

But with people like David, we may start dreaming of enjoying MathML soon :-)

In a related thread here at MozillaZine, an explanation of the delay in MathML/SVG was given (see quotation below). It appears that the delay arises from the fact that the frame and style APIs are not yet stable and thus are not made public. Perhaps if David formally joins the team of developpers of Mozilla, he may get the privilege to access to the current APIs and start hacking something... Is our wait over ?!

[QUOTE]Re:M4 Out! submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan Tuesday April 20th, 1999 04:56:20 PM

MathML is going to need support for allowing third party frame objects to plug into Gecko. This support for extensible frames will need us to expose our frame and style APIs to the outside world, something that we do not want to do before they are more fleshed out. We know that development of MathML and SVG is blocked on this task and that this is a significant problem. We plan to attack this problem once Gecko 1.0 is feature complete.

Nisheeth -- Gecko Team Member (XML, Layout, Webshell), Netscape [/QUOTE]