New Draft of SVG Spec

Wednesday April 28th, 1999

There's a new draft of the Scalable Vector Graphics spec at the W3C. Thanks to Matt for the news.

#10 Re:MathML/SVG

by Dave Fiddes <>

Friday April 30th, 1999 7:28 AM

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Ahh. That explains it...

I was wondering why there had been no response. There was some talk a while back over exposing the internal frame interface such that 3rd party frame objects could be integrated into the layout engine but nothing seemed to come of it.

AFAIK The frame APIs that Nisheeth is talking about have not been written yet... that standard stuff is of course there for perusal ;) I've spent a while this week trying to fathom how the layout engine does it's work...and it's quite obvious that theres a lot going on in the layout engine. Anything that I or anyone else did would be at the mercy of major NG Layout code tidy ups....

By the time I'm "unblocked" I might have put together enough time to understand how the layout engine works...

Dave, David - I'm easy ;)