Firefox Extensions Guide

Monday September 6th, 2004

Gsurface wrote in to tell us that Flexbeta has posted an in-depth guide to a number of the well known, and not so well known extensions available for Mozilla Firefox. It covers close to 30 different extensions, including web developer tools, full application add-ons, existing feature enhancements and more.

#1 hor. scrollbar

by andkon

Monday September 6th, 2004 12:46 PM

Rather ironic how there's a horizontal scrollbar in Firefox, but not IE... Oh well.

Though it's nice to see good extensions in one place.

#2 Firefox Toolbar

by emerald

Tuesday September 7th, 2004 7:59 AM

Flexbeta did a great job. I wish they had waited a couple of days...our Firefox toolbar would have been on that list... Arrrghhhh.

thanks, -Pat

#9 Firefox Toolbar now compatible with Preview

by emerald

Wednesday September 15th, 2004 6:43 AM

Just an FYI that our new bars, which are now compatible with Preview 1.0 are available on the download site. The old version was not compatible with Preview 1.0 The upgrades can be found here.

Thanks, -Pat

#3 memory usage

by teksaver

Thursday September 9th, 2004 11:12 PM

what hurts is the screenshot on their other guide, about abiword, comparing memory usage of MS word and abiword you can see firefox's as a side-effect.. and it looks terrible, when the point of the screenshot is to say abiword takes 6Mb when word uses a whooping 32 (firefox is at 52!)

#4 Re: memory usage

by darinwf

Friday September 10th, 2004 4:02 PM

Firefox's memory usage is a function of how many websites are loaded. If you view a site with a lot of images that is going to result in a lot of memory being used to display the site.

#5 Re: Re: memory usage

by tono

Friday September 10th, 2004 6:03 PM

I'm browsing this website adn that's it and firefox is using 23,444K that's pretty sad.. however i have statusbarclock, weatherfox, and alwaysrightclick loaded

#6 Re: memory usage

by tseelee

Friday September 10th, 2004 9:17 PM

IE's memory usage is partially hidden by the OS, into which it's been integrated. Also, Firefox's memory usage will hopefully be reduced some more, and it won't hurt when the GRE becomes a reality.

#7 Re: Re: memory usage

by Waldo_2

Saturday September 11th, 2004 1:00 PM

...or whatever it's called now. I think the latest naming iteration is xulrunner (from xre, from gre).

#8 Re: Re: Re: memory usage

by brolewis

Saturday September 11th, 2004 8:34 PM

My understanding is that xulrunner is for xre - XUL Rendering Engine and the GRE, Gecko Rendering Engine, is still as of yet not stand-alone.

#10 FF doesn't let go of memory

by ghardenb

Monday August 22nd, 2005 2:53 PM

I can open a few tabs and load sites and crank firefox mem usage to 66mb, then close all sites and leave the browser on a blank local page and the mem usage does not reduce. If I close and reopen FF, it will drop but sometimes not to the 28mb that seems to be my typical bottom line.

Windows keeps increasing my virtual memory allocation and I'm blaming it on Firefox. I hope someone is working on this.