Mozilla Sunbird Review

Monday September 6th, 2004

Steve Mallett writes in: "Mozilla Sunbird is the latest stand-alone application from the Mozilla foundation that follows in the footsteps of now revered browser Firefox and email client Thunderbird. OSDir reviews their first public release, version 0.2."

UPDATE: Sunbird 0.2 is not actually available yet, they are currently working towards it. The review is of a nightly build.

#11 Sunbird vice Extension

by markcarson

Wednesday September 8th, 2004 6:53 PM

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I'm not a Sunbird developer (I just helped with the theme a bit), so they are free to correct me, but my understanding is that the extension and the stand-alone application both use the "ical" library, so when everything settles out, there should be the same functionality in the extension as in Sunbird (at a minimum, integration aside for a moment). And yes, Sunbird the stand-alone application is just that - stand alone - for those who are not using Thunderbird/Firefox or who prefer to have their calendar running even when their email client and/or browser aren't running.