New Website Beta Final Call

Monday August 30th, 2004

Steven Garrity is inviting final comments on the new website beta (located at Many of the earlier known issues have now been fixed and this call is for critical problems only. Please add your comments to the website beta feedback topic in the forums. If all goes well, the new website will launch tomorrow.

Update: The new website is now live!

#99 Re: Re: Padding and stickout

by andkon <>

Wednesday September 1st, 2004 3:41 PM

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Yes, filters block my entire site, because it's good policy to not let adults and high school students read anything I have to say. I've actually written to superintendents and school boards asking them to unblock me. They usually gave some stupid response like "your site is a significant drain on network bandwidth". They never wrote back after I pointed out that their Frontpage-vomit sites were usually 10 times more bandwidth heavy than any of mine...

Of course, there's an easy way around all the filters (it should work, it works in most schools):


(Just add the directory address to go to the pics)