New Website Beta Final Call

Monday August 30th, 2004

Steven Garrity is inviting final comments on the new website beta (located at Many of the earlier known issues have now been fixed and this call is for critical problems only. Please add your comments to the website beta feedback topic in the forums. If all goes well, the new website will launch tomorrow.

Update: The new website is now live!

#89 Re: Re: Room for RSS on the front page but...

by kapowaz

Wednesday September 1st, 2004 9:40 AM

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"Disagree. We have to get people off the suite. Just download Firefox and Thunderbird. There, that was easy." "Camino needs to be phased out. Energy is much better spent on MacOS Firefox."

Really this is quite unconstructive. Many people prefer different products (I certainly prefer the polish of Camino on OS X to Firefox, even though I think the latter is an excellent browser) and on Windows I use Suite for the many add-ons (DOM Inspector, Venkman etc.) and not having to keep an item on the taskbar for a separate mail client. I'm sure many other people feel likewise. Sure, Firefox is probably the biggest and most important product Mozilla offers at the moment, but that shouldn't mean phasing out or hiding away the other products.