New Website Beta Final Call

Monday August 30th, 2004

Steven Garrity is inviting final comments on the new website beta (located at Many of the earlier known issues have now been fixed and this call is for critical problems only. Please add your comments to the website beta feedback topic in the forums. If all goes well, the new website will launch tomorrow.

Update: The new website is now live!

#52 big improvements all around

by coda

Tuesday August 31st, 2004 11:59 AM

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Generally impressed with the new design, there is still room for improvement but for now it's miles ahead of what is currently up. Only suggestion I have is to add the product logos to their product homepages to enforce branding. And also I wonder if there should be a more visible "learn more about Firefox" link on the homepage? The graphic title is a link, as is the random screenshot, but not many visitors will realise this until they hover over either for the link. But I doubt they would even know to do that.

Also what about making the text titles of the other products on the homepage also graphics like the "Firefox 0.9.3" header graphic? That will make them stand out a little more against the others, i.e. "In The Store", "Announcements", etc.

Lastly, why on Earth is "Firefox: Wired" an announcement?