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Monday August 30th, 2004

Steven Garrity is inviting final comments on the new website beta (located at Many of the earlier known issues have now been fixed and this call is for critical problems only. Please add your comments to the website beta feedback topic in the forums. If all goes well, the new website will launch tomorrow.

Update: The new website is now live!

#33 Firefox branding still not clear

by JimInKS

Tuesday August 31st, 2004 4:54 AM

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To me the branding of Firefox is still unclear:

On Home page just

"Firefox 0.9.3"

Follow Firefox link then

"Firefox - rediscover the web" at the top of the page. The page title says "Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded". And STILL NO LOGO, even on the Firefox page.

Go to the Support page and click on Firefox Help (Which IMHO Help should have a prominent link on the Firefox home page). We have now gone to some new website called "", the page design is now totally different (I like the texturizer design better btw, the navigation appears to be clear and well organized and I tend to like "earthy" colors better anyway) AND

Firefox is NOW - "Web browsing redifined"

The Firefox HELP page looks like another Firefox HOME page, it has much more than just HELP.

The if we go the UPDATES page we have ANOTHER totally different design.

Also, back to the new Mozilla home page - "Get Thunderbird" should be just "Thunderbird" to be consistent with Firefox and Mozilla Suite.