New Website Beta Final Call

Monday August 30th, 2004

Steven Garrity is inviting final comments on the new website beta (located at Many of the earlier known issues have now been fixed and this call is for critical problems only. Please add your comments to the website beta feedback topic in the forums. If all goes well, the new website will launch tomorrow.

Update: The new website is now live!

#20 Re: Front/home Page

by Smigit

Monday August 30th, 2004 11:11 PM

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1) click the top left mozilla logo. Its the same system as employed by the current site. 2)on your last sentemnce...i dont understand why general users would EXPECT a mail client in a product that isnt advertised as having one. Since the general population uses IE, most people have never had an app that does include a mail client also. 3) like it or not (and alot of people clearly dont), Firefox is not the flagship product. It makes no sence confusing users with 3 or 4 different browsers, when the one intended for the average home user is Firefox. Im suprised mozilla is even on the frontpage, but its clearly still there and easy to find.