New Mozilla Poll

Wednesday April 28th, 1999

Well, we received many great responses to our poll request, and today we present our first from your submissions. This poll was submitted by Jamie Costa.

#10 Relevance??!

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Wednesday April 28th, 1999 11:18 PM

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Hmmmm about the site's tagline, it's "Your source for **MOZILLA NEWS AND ADVOCACY**" emphasis of course. WTF does this actually have to do with mozilla, this should be on Slashdot?!

That said =), I voted that I'd like to be outside Gates' mansion... heh... I was tempted by options 8 and 9, but hey, it'd give me GREAT personal satisfaction to watch the whole damn place go up in flames and see Billy-boy running out screaming "Nobody panic! It's not a bug, it's a feature! Really!" =)