Camino 0.8.1 Released

Wednesday August 25th, 2004

Mike Pinkerton writes: "We released Camino 0.8.1 tonight. Since the 0.8 release, we have added the following: fixes for four possible security vulnerabilities in Gecko, upgrade to Mozilla 1.7.2 Gecko engine, disabled prebinding on Mac OS X 10.3.x, several fixes to improve localization."

Builds are available on Mozilla's FTP server, and release notes are also available.

#4 Re: What advantages?

by gerbilpower <>

Thursday August 26th, 2004 9:42 AM

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Add to that, I like the bookmark manager in Camino much better than Firefox.

When I'm on the Mac, I tried very hard to love Firefox, but I keep ending up back to Camino :)

But Firefox still rocks on Windows :)