Community Marketing Initiative Week 5

Wednesday August 25th, 2004

This week's Community Marketing Initiative is a campaign to engage college students with the marketing of Firefox. o do that, the marketing team has come up with a few ideas to help tackle marketing on campus, including a college poster campaign, starting a college rep program, and a steering committee for college issues. Read more on Blake's weblog.

#7 Firefox devs and the community

by thomas

Wednesday August 25th, 2004 5:46 PM

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Firefox devs do not care about the community anymore, why should we care about Firefox?

I spent a lot of time contributing to Mozilla and Firefox in the past (QA/Testing, translations, marketing, maintaining a large Firefox installation on an univsersity network (> 10,000 user), tech evangelism, ...), but the last descissions of the devs (new default theme, removing view source and especially the stylesheet switcher UI) and the way Asa, Blake & Co. reacted to our doubts, really pissed me off. Why should I spent my time on a project, that always proclaims how important the community is, but doing exactly the opposite - letting us community contributors get the feeling that we don't care, that our ideas are unimportand and that we are not the people Firefox is aiming.