Community Marketing Initiative Week 5

Wednesday August 25th, 2004

This week's Community Marketing Initiative is a campaign to engage college students with the marketing of Firefox. o do that, the marketing team has come up with a few ideas to help tackle marketing on campus, including a college poster campaign, starting a college rep program, and a steering committee for college issues. Read more on Blake's weblog.

#16 Re: Firefox devs and the community

by andkon <>

Thursday August 26th, 2004 11:47 AM

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I noticed the same when I asked why Mozilla is waiting until the very last minute before FF's 1.0 to make changes to the site, changes that amount to only a freaking new stylesheet. The response was that the new site has been "in development for months and in collaboration with companies you don't even know about". Months sounds wrong, but multiplte unknown compan*ies* (mind you, to do a CSS change) sounds wasteful of the dozens of people who have good ideas about making an enduser website. URL: <http://forums.mozillazine…topic.php?p=735794#735794>

I still think there's absolutely no need for these community marketing efforts *if* the focal point (the website each marketing goal is advertising) is still in a non enduser state it is in now. I mean look: someone looks at an ad or poster and goes to Oops, the site is not enduser friendly and some people would tend to get lost and not download anything. Seems like wasted effort on the part of anyone doing any marketing...

But then I again, I probably don't have a right to bitch since my Mozilla adventures take only a few hours at most each week.