New Beta of Website Available for Testing

Friday August 20th, 2004

Steven Garrity today announced a new beta design of's website. The new design, done by silverorange, upgrades the navigation and freshens the look of the site. Steven and the other designers are interested in hearing feedback, but want those who provide feedback know that the home page content has not be updated yet. Also, there are some other outstanding bugs, which are listed in the feedback link.

#75 hmmm

by Smigit

Tuesday August 24th, 2004 8:20 PM

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The site map needs an doesnt actually link to the products page. I know any halfwit can get there anyway but if its a site map youd think itd be there instead of linking to a downloads page (that for all i can see can only be reached through the site map)

Also the top tabbed links in the header are broken when you use them from the sitemap page. They have urls like <http://website-beta.mozil…rg/%%DIR_DEPTH%%products/> instead of <> so that needs to be addresses. Also if you have a downloads page listing other products and that page is hard to find (aka only searchable from the sitemap), perhaps the download page at the very bottom needs a link to "View other products" or something similar and then redirect to the downloads page from there, or ideally another extended products page.

As andakon (sorry about the spelling) said further up, a products and downloads page is rather redundant.