New Beta of Website Available for Testing

Friday August 20th, 2004

Steven Garrity today announced a new beta design of's website. The new design, done by silverorange, upgrades the navigation and freshens the look of the site. Steven and the other designers are interested in hearing feedback, but want those who provide feedback know that the home page content has not be updated yet. Also, there are some other outstanding bugs, which are listed in the feedback link.

#26 This is an improvement?

by Toe

Saturday August 21st, 2004 6:51 AM

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Sorry, but IMHO the current design looks MUCH better than this mess.

I look at this and all I see is a huge mass of 'stuff.' There's almost nothing to visually delinate anything on the page except the header, so it all sticks together in one big clump in the middle. I'm not real big on the color, either. (What little there is of it.) A page that's almost totally white with just a few touches of a dull blue leaves me with a really cold and sterile feel. The gentle, earthy tone of the current front page feels much more friendly and inviting to me.

It also appears to ignore andkon's suggestions for the content of the front page. While I wasn't crazy about his mockup of a new design, I agree wholeheartedly with most of his suggestions for the content of the front page. Getting Bugzilla and Camino out of the picture (they should have their own pages elsewhere, possibly even their own domains, especially Camino), overhauling the reasons for using, etc - all excellent ideas. As Galik said above, this is the same site with a lick of paint, and a rather unappealing one at that.

That said, there's a couple things I think aren't that bad. Taken by itself, the header looks reasonably good. But if I scroll the page just enough so that it disappears, I'm left with a page that's mostly a cold clump of black and white. Having the main links in the header appear as tabs is a great idea, I mean, we're trying to promote a tabbed browser here, so why not a tabbed webpage? But that brings another question to mind: Why is there no visual consistency between and the default Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird theme? It would go a long way toward creating an actual, unified 'image' for Mozilla.