Webreference Article on IE5 and Mozilla

Tuesday April 27th, 1999 has a new article online, "Internet Explorer 5.0: With Style, Finally?", which details the shortcomings of IE5. If you're not interested in reading about IE5, skip ahead to page 7 of the article, which gives an approving nod to Mozilla. Interesting article, although I wish the author had elaborated on his allusion to bugs in the CSS parser of IE5.

Thanks to Kevin Duffy and Christophe Pennequin for the news.

#9 Mozilla will need more to suplant IE...

by Alfonzo

Tuesday April 27th, 1999 12:27 PM

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I think IE will eventually support all of the standards...

What if it did right now? I don't think there would be much impact because of the millions upon millions of Netscape 3.X/4.X and IE 3.X/4.X users out there.

Do you think that everyone is just going to jump ship and start writing code based solely on standards that the majority of users out there won't even be able to render properly?

I really do think you guys overhype the reality of standards. Sure, they help... but what happens after a standard is extended or updated? The existing installed base of 'standards' compliant browsers don't rise up out of the primordial ooze and immediatley support these new additions!

Mozilla really better come up with innovative ideas if it's going to beat IE at this stage of the game... mere standards compliance and a small footprint ain't going to cut it. (Excuse the slang) :)

At least not in the users eyes... and let's face it... this is the group that will determine any given browsers success or failure.