Webreference Article on IE5 and Mozilla

Tuesday April 27th, 1999 has a new article online, "Internet Explorer 5.0: With Style, Finally?", which details the shortcomings of IE5. If you're not interested in reading about IE5, skip ahead to page 7 of the article, which gives an approving nod to Mozilla. Interesting article, although I wish the author had elaborated on his allusion to bugs in the CSS parser of IE5.

Thanks to Kevin Duffy and Christophe Pennequin for the news.

#47 Re:Webreference Article on IE5 and Mozilla

by Jim Lee

Wednesday April 28th, 1999 10:16 PM

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dhickey - The problem with auto-updating the browser is that first, the user would want to what changes are being made to his computer. Also, if a loophole were found, malicious code could be downloaded and installed without his knowing.

Second, timing out a browser is not something you want to do to a program unless it were shareware (and you wanted the user to pay the registration fee), which it is not. The bottom line, again, is for the user to have control and choice over what is on his computer.

Remember, for every good-intentioned idea, there is also an inherently evil counterpart to it. But enough of the philosophical mumbo jumbo.