Webreference Article on IE5 and Mozilla

Tuesday April 27th, 1999 has a new article online, "Internet Explorer 5.0: With Style, Finally?", which details the shortcomings of IE5. If you're not interested in reading about IE5, skip ahead to page 7 of the article, which gives an approving nod to Mozilla. Interesting article, although I wish the author had elaborated on his allusion to bugs in the CSS parser of IE5.

Thanks to Kevin Duffy and Christophe Pennequin for the news.

#30 Re:Webreference Article on IE5 and Mozilla

by Alfonzo

Tuesday April 27th, 1999 4:15 PM

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Hey Kovu,

No sweat man... I know M$ is full of shit... and I'm no MS lover.

But I'm no MS hater either... the behavior that they have engaged in is takes place every day in other industries as well. I'm sure as we speak Frito-Lay is concocting some scheme to undermine Nabisco! ;-)

There is no perfect system... and there never will be... as long as humans are running it.

Billy pisses me off, too. I think the browser/OS integration is nothing but a crock for the most part.

I'm just as anxious as the next guy to run Mozilla... I was just trying to shed some light on the realities of standards... the time, dedication, and work it will take to fully bear it's fruit.