Mozilla 1.8a3 Released

Wednesday August 18th, 2004 today has released the third alpha build of 1.8. Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 3 release includes a large amount of backend work, including site-specific CSS rules, transparent windows on Windows and GTK2, and undetected document.all support. See the What's New page for more on what has changed in this release. Builds are available from the mozilla1.8a3 directory on the FTP site, and a full set of 1.8a3 Release Notes is also available.

Update: The attack of the alphas won't stop here: a Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 4 is coming soon. As recently as 1.7, each release cycle had just one alpha milestone; a second alpha was added in time for the 1.8 cycle in May. A few weeks ago, Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 3 was announced to prevent 1.8 clashing with the 1.0 releases of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

#11 Uploading still not 100%

by hobbes78

Thursday August 19th, 2004 3:00 AM

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I tried a1 and a2, and in both, uploading didn't work for me. The same happens in this a3. I guess this stems from the fact that I use an Automatic proxy configuration URL. Nonetheless, HTTP uploading works fine (e.g., when I try Yahoo! Briefcase).

The authentication seems a little buggy, too. I first tried to access the server passing the login information via the URL (e.g., ftp://user:password@<>), then Mozilla said the site didn't require authentication and that I could be being tricked. Then I tried uploading a file, which yielded a progress dialog. Then I tried to refresh the directory listing, which in turn started requesting my username and password and, when I introduced this information, Mozilla kept requesting it over and over. Then I restarted Mozilla and then not even the login encoded in URL worked, as it seemed to “remember” that across browser sessions, and a dialog requesting login and password was prompting me over and over.

It's kind of weird.