Netscape 7.2 Released

Tuesday August 17th, 2004

America Online has just released Netscape 7.2. Based on Mozilla 1.7, this latest version features better popup blocking, vCard support, an improved junk mail algorithm, better standards support, performance enhancements and several hundred other bug fixes. It also includes patches for recent security vulnerabilities.

It is a little over a year since AOL shut down the Netscape browser division, laid off or reassigned the remaining engineers and withdrew from the day to day running of At the time, they said that new versions of Netscape were unlikely. Earlier this year, they changed their minds and announced Netscape 7.2.

More details about Netscape 7.2 are available at Netscape Browser Central, together with download links. The Netscape 7 Release Notes have been updated.

Update: As previously speculated, the Windows version of Netscape 7.2 features a version of the Netscape Toolbar created by the Mozdev Group. The uninstallable toolbar contains a Netscape Search box (you can still search from the Location Bar but the Search button is disabled by default), links to various sections of the Netscape Network and buttons to easily toggle popup blocking, access the Form Manager feature and clear the browser history. AOL is marketing this release heavily: visitors to are redirected to a roadblock page pushing 7.2 and the regular Netscape homepage has a large advert for the latest release.

#44 I found a fix

by mjake

Wednesday August 18th, 2004 10:54 AM

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I think your recommendation is for having google as a sidebar, but what I was talking about was using google as a search engine from the location (URL) field. It didn't work for that.

However, I found a fix (that I tested on Windows and Linux). Simply copy the "searchplugins" directory from a Netscape 7.1 installation into the Netscape 7.2 installation. The "searchplugins" directory can be found where netscape is installed (probably /usr/local/netscape on Linux, "C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape" on Windows).

That will restore the google, lycos, etc. options in Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Internet Search->Default Search Engine.

P.S. Sorry about the double post of the thread starting post.