Amiga Mozilla Betas Soon

Monday April 26th, 1999

An Amiga Mozilla Project, aMozillaX, is due out in beta soon, according to a chat transcript available here.

AMozillaX is not exactly Mozilla: it utilizes the Gecko layout engine, but the developers created a unique UI (not XUL). There are currently 8 coders working on the project, and the feature list is impressive. Can't wait to get some screenshots!

#4 Re:Amiga Mozilla Betas Soon

by Ex-Amigian

Saturday May 1st, 1999 10:22 AM

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Wow, a crew of clueless trash-talking hype makers. Haven't read so much shit for a long time. VRML, Shockwave and probably writing their own JVM with 8 nerds, finishing it to November. I've never heard so much unprofessional bullshit. I think they've just written a few ARexx scripts in their life, nothing else. It's very sad that our beloved amiga is dying , but nobody needs such crap talkers.