Amiga Mozilla Betas Soon

Monday April 26th, 1999

An Amiga Mozilla Project, aMozillaX, is due out in beta soon, according to a chat transcript available here.

AMozillaX is not exactly Mozilla: it utilizes the Gecko layout engine, but the developers created a unique UI (not XUL). There are currently 8 coders working on the project, and the feature list is impressive. Can't wait to get some screenshots!

#1 Re:Amiga Mozilla Betas Soon

by Kovu <>

Monday April 26th, 1999 8:15 AM

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Will this mean anything to anything but Classic Amigans? I.e., will any of their codework do Mozilla, or Next Generation Amiga (based on QNX Neutrino 2) any good? At least it will put the Classic Amiga on viable Internet footing, if nothing else.