Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

Sunday April 25th, 1999

From Edwin Woudt and arielb comes cool news! A gentleman named Kirk Baker has successfully embedded the Gecko layout engine in Java. Click here for details.

#3 Re:Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

by SOmeSmartAss <>

Monday April 26th, 1999 11:23 AM

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I know that the native gecko code would have to be converted to java code (BTW, how IS Jazilla doing?) and I'm not suggesting that it wouldn't have it's draw-backs (1+ megs of Java code off the net is NASTY) but it would be an effective way to allow anyone to try out Mozilla, regardless of browser/version/OS (with obvious exceptions) before commiting to a download/install. demoware of freeware. It also allows highspeed LAN intranets to enforce a "standard browser", regardless of exsisting client-side browser prefference (and yes, in a large enough intranet, you're not always sure that all clients have a standard desktop suite; IBM, for example, has people running Win95/NT/Linux/AIX/OS2 running Netscape 3-4.5 and IE 3-5)