Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

Sunday April 25th, 1999

From Edwin Woudt and arielb comes cool news! A gentleman named Kirk Baker has successfully embedded the Gecko layout engine in Java. Click here for details.

#17 Re:Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

by SomeSmartAss

Thursday July 8th, 1999 1:51 PM

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(why download a 1 MB applet if you already have a browser in front of you?)

If the intranet files you are useing are dependant on the applet's rendering engine capabilities (read, you want people to load honest to goodness HTML 4.0 complient code). then using the applet within the existing browser would make sence.

Also it would be much easier to have people click a link on a web page, rather than trying to explain to them how to reach it through appviewer via command line calls...

This "idea" (ok, pipe dream, and mindless preamble) was more of an interem step, to intice people to actually "test-drive" Mozilla first. It would actually be much more efficient to just download the apropriate Mozilla version for you're OS in the first place.

'Sides, someone would still have to port the gecko engine to Pure Java first, the existing methode just a Java interface to the existing compiled Gecko code.