Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

Sunday April 25th, 1999

From Edwin Woudt and arielb comes cool news! A gentleman named Kirk Baker has successfully embedded the Gecko layout engine in Java. Click here for details.

#16 Re:Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

by leafygreens

Thursday July 8th, 1999 11:56 AM

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To respond to the statement that you would need a browser to access the mozilla applet (why download a 1 MB applet if you already have a browser in front of you?). Could the basic "viewer" program be java enabled, and if so, could viewer be capable of loading and launching the mozilla applet? If this is a possibility the tiny footprint of viewer (124k on a mac) would be an easy sell to OEMs to put on their computers and an even easier sell to those who want to use the mozilla browser and need only to initially download a 124k file to launch it. Granted, for modem users a 1 mb java applet download every time the want to use the web would be hard to swallow, but as it has been stated in an earlier response this would be a great tool in a high speed intranet situation.