Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

Sunday April 25th, 1999

From Edwin Woudt and arielb comes cool news! A gentleman named Kirk Baker has successfully embedded the Gecko layout engine in Java. Click here for details.

#12 Re:Raptor Engine Successfully Embedded in Java!

by Chris Knoll <>

Wednesday April 28th, 1999 12:02 PM

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The whole thing about native code (and the avoidance of it with respect to cross-platform java) is that you are supposed to be able to take any java class and run it on any other virtual machine. Now, if you want to use this native code as part of the JDK, you MUST have a port of the browser on every platform the JDK is on, but this isn't even enough, because if you have embedded systems where Java is the only platform, then you have to write the raptor functionality in Java (because there may not be another OS or Platform for the native code to run on). But, as far as a standard extension for the Java platform, I'd say go for it!!


PS. Kirk, was it a simple matter to override the getPeer() to grab a handle to the raptor window context? If that's the case, I guess there wasn't that much method mapping (native method mapping) was there? In any case, it must have been a pretty substantial effort for you do write the interface tot he native code, and I'm damn proud to know ya! :)